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December 3rd, 2022 (Saturday)

12:00PM Eastern Time - They're Giving Heart Eyes
(Dom P-C and Kat Barrell)

They're Giving Heart Eyes Panel Image - Featuring Dom P-C and Kat Barrell. Moderated by Dresa

1:00PM Eastern Time - The Wild Ones
(Dani Kind & Tamara Duarte)

The Wild Ones image - Moderated by Jen

2:00PM Eastern Time - The Art of Andras

The Art of Andras Panel Image - Moderated by Jen

December 4th, 2022 (Sunday)

12:00PM Eastern Time - Start the Wave
(Dom P-C, Li, Portia, D2)

Start the Wave Panel Image

1:00PM Eastern Time - Starwagon Stories, Eh?
(Emily Andras, Dani Kind, Varun Saranga, Kyana Teresa)

Starwagon Stories, Eh? Panel Image

 2:00PM Eastern Time - Bewitched
(Kat Barrell, Kyana Teresa)

Bewitched Panel Image