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What is Earp Curse Con (ECC)?

Earp Curse Con (ECC) is a virtual Wynonna Earp convention that was created due to the pandemic. In this time of social distancing where the fandom needs a boost of positivity, we present to you Earp Curse Con. The only request we have is for everyone to help flatten the curve and break the curse.

When is the next ECC happening?

December 3, 4, and 10, 2022

Will there be panels and if so, when?

There will be panels! All panels will be streamed on Twitch. www.twitch.tv/earpcursecon. Panels will be available on Twitch for 14 days and will be available on YouTube afterwards.

Previous ECC panels are now on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKw7NE-dlp0&list=PL8Gc0qiJNOHkB3rpBHdcJEnP-9xJyTSmL

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal, major credit cards, and accelerated checkouts. The credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. We also accept Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We definitely recommend that customers outside of the United States use PayPal. 

What happens when my payment method doesn’t go through?

If your payment doesn’t go through, please contact us as soon as possible at info[at]earpcursecon[dot]com. Use the subject line, ‘Payment Help,’ and explain your situation as best as you can. 

Do we need to subscribe to Twitch to watch the panels?

You DO NOT need to subscribe to watch the panels. However, those who subscribe will receive cool Wynonna Earp-themed emojis to use in the chat while we are streaming.

How do we purchase tickets for any virtual calls?

Calls for certain high demand Guests will be sold through a drawing (similar to previous Earp Curse Con lotteries). We will post details on how the drawing will work and where and when to sign up. Any calls remaining after drawing sales will be sold in the general sales. We will post more details on dates and time for drawing and general sales after we announce all the Guests.

How do I enter the Drawing?

Drawing period has ended.

Link to Drawing Terms and Conditions

Can I gift my drawing winning ticket to someone?

Winners cannot gift their winning drawing ticket to another person. Winners must purchase the winning ticket for their own use. However, there will be gift certificates available to purchase for those who wish to assist others in purchasing.

What type of virtual calls will there be?

1-on-1 Calls, Group Calls, Gaming Calls and Virtual Selfies.

What are 1-on-1 Calls?

1-on-1 Calls are 3-minute Zoom calls with the guest.

What are Group Calls?

Group calls are 25-minute group Zoom calls with the guest and 14-19 other people (depending on which talent).

What are Virtual Selfies?

A Virtual Selfie is a very short call with one of our Guests via Zoom to say hi and have your picture taken with them.  Please note, this is NOT a shorter 1-on-1 call. Your time with the Guest will be no more than 30 seconds.  A member of the Earp Curse Con team will be taking the screenshot during the call and it will be provided to you digitally within 48 hrs after the conclusion of the event.   

Virtual Selfies cannot be gifted/transferred. 

What are Gaming Calls and what games will be played?

Gaming calls are 25-minute gaming Zoom calls with the guest and 6 other people. You will be playing Jackbox games. The game will either be Fibbage or Trivia Murder Party 1 or 2.

Will calls be recorded and sent to attendees?

All calls will be recorded for security and quality assurance purposes only. They will not be sent out to attendees.

What is included in an Autograph?

An autographed photo of the Talent, plus a personalized message of up to 140 characters if desired.

What is included in a Script?

A Wynonna Earp script signed by Emily Andras, plus a personalized message of up to 140 characters if desired.

How will Autographs and Scripts be sold?

Autographs and Scripts will be sold in General Sales on a first come, first serve basis.

Will there be an ASL interpreter available for virtual calls?

Of course! After purchasing your ticket, please contact us at info[at]earpcursecon[dot]com if you need an interpreter present for your call. In your email, please state the order number,purchaser’s name, talent’s name, and the time and type of your virtual call.

Will there be an ASL interpreter during panels?

Yes! There will be ASL interpretation in guest panels. Any panel without an interpreter will be transcribed as first priority to make panels accessible to all.

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