Thanks from Earp Curse Con!

Earp Curse Con was created to give the opportunity for Earpers all over the world a chance to meet the cast and to Earp safely together. We created a lottery system to provide everyone fair access to purchase zoom calls with cast. Here are some very cool stats from the con!

We had 1000+ lottery entries from 50 different countries!
The cast spoke with 400+ people from 30 different countries!

60% of our Twitch viewers were outside of the United States. There were people watching from Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Chile, India, Portugal, Argentina, and much more.

Thank you for all your support!
Flatten the curve, break the curse.

Your Earp Curse Con Team:

Michelle - Owner, Director of Software Engineering
Winnie - Director of Information Technology
Darin - Director of Communications & Finance
Soleil - Director of Programming & Logistics
Korinne - Director of Human Resources

Last but not least, Oliver - CEO aka "Cat Extra-Ordinaire" (insert paw print here)