General Sales Preview

General Sales will begin on Monday May 17th at 10 AM EST. At this time you will be able to purchase Autographs, Videograms, Scripts, Virtual Selfies and any remaining calls that were not sold during the lottery period.   


Autographs ($55)

Photo prints signed by the guest with optional personalization (up to 140 characters) 


Autograph Order Limits 

You may purchase up to 5 Autographs per order. Orders containing Autographs from multiple guests will not ship until the entire order can be fulfilled. If you would like to receive your Autographs in separate shipments, you will need to purchase them in separate orders. 

Top Loaders 

All Autographs will be shipped in rigid envelopes with a sheet of cardstock for protection. For additional protection, we will also be offering top loaders.  Each top loader can hold 2 Autographs. Due to packaging constraints, there is a limit of 2 top loaders per order. If you order 5 Autographs and 2 top loaders, the 5th Autograph will be placed between the 2 top loaders in the envelope. 

Autograph Photo Previews  

Dani Kind


Emily Andras


Kat Barrell


Martina Ortiz Luis


Savannah Basley


Tamara Duarte


Varun Saranga




Scripts ($125)

Emily Andras will be offering the following scripts from Seasons 1 through 3. Each script will be signed by Emily with optional personalization (up to 140 characters). Limit two (2) Scripts per order.

102 – Keep The Home Fires Burning
212 – I Hope You Dance 
305 – Jolene 
306 – If We Make It Through December 
312 – War Paint 



Virtual Selfies ($15)

A Virtual Selfie is a very short call with one of our Guests via Zoom to say hi and have your picture taken with them.  Please note, this is NOT a shorter 1-on-1 call. Your time with the Guest will be no more than 30 seconds.  A member of the Earp Curse Con team will be taking the screenshot during the call and it will be provided to you digitally within 48 hrs after the conclusion of the event. Virtual Selfies cannot be gifted/transferred.
The Virtual Selfies will be available for all Guests and will be released for sale in two batches. The first batch will go on sale immediately when General Sales opens at 10 AM EST on May 17th.  If these sell out, the second batch will be released later that night at 10 PM EST (May 17th). 
Limit one (1) Virtual Selfie per guest, per person.